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Crossen Combat Chronicles

The Crossen Combat Chronicles focuses on Captain John R. Crossen and his advancement to Lieutenant Colonel and the position of 135th Field Artillery Battalion Commander.

Crossen Combat Chronicles

Biography of a WWII Artilleryman - by Chip Heyl

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  • Bob Nixon inherited a trunk - full of Victor Peterson's WWII Army artifacts. Victor was in the 135th Field Artillery Battalion. The trunk includes a letter and an accommodation from LtCol. Crossen. Nixon is publishing the contents of the trunk on a Blog called "Vic's Army Trunk."

    Here is the link to the blog - http://vicsarmytrunk.blogspot.com.

    The letter and accommodation can be found at http://vicsarmytrunk.blogspot.com/search?q=crossen.

  • Website is dedicated to Leighton "Danny" Charville and all of the men of the 445th Bombardment Squadron of the 12th USAAF, 57th Bomb Wing, 321st Bombardment Group. http://www.charville.net/445thBS/.

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