Crossen Combat Chronicles

Biography of a WWII Artilleryman - by Chip Heyl

Firelands Historical Society Presentation

The Firelands Historical Society operates the Oldest Museum in Ohio and all the officers attended. Henry Timman is not only a Society officer, but his official job is the Historian for Huron County, Ohio. He is also the historical consultant for the Norwalk Reflector Hearld, the major newspaper in Huron County He writes periodic articles on the history of Huron County and Northern Ohio for the newspaper.

We have included some photographs from the presentation. To the left is Sue McCreery, daughter of Col. John Crossen, making the presentaion.

The second photograph shows some of the artifacts from Col. Crossen and his family.

The third photograph shows some of the audience talking with Sue.

Chip Heyl, the author is in the background. Talking with Chip is Leon Lodemeier (wearing red shirt), who was in the Philippines during WWII.

Henry Timman, a Firelands Historical Society officer, is at the right of the picture.