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Crossen Combat Chronicles

The Crossen Combat Chronicles focuses on Captain John R. Crossen and his advancement to Lieutenant Colonel and the position of 135th Field Artillery Battalion Commander.

Crossen Combat Chronicles

Biography of a WWII Artilleryman - by Chip Heyl

About the Authors

The Crossen Combat Chronicles was written between August 2006 and September 2007 primarily by Richard (Chip) Heyl with help from Sue (Crossen) McCreery. Sue and Chip were classmates from grade school through high school, and graduated from Norwalk (Ohio) High School in 1959.

Heyl has written several golfing manuals and spent a career as an Intelligence Analyst and researcher prior to his retirement in 2002.

It was Mrs. McCreery's first time participating in the writing process and has cured her of any desire to do so again.

Sue (Crossen) McCreery

Sue graduated from Bowling Green State University with a liberal studies degree and worked for the Bowling Green State University Firelands College for 14 years before retiring in 2001. She lives in Huron, Ohio, with husband Ronald.

She is active in high school activities in both Milan and Norwalk. She handles monthly breakfast rendezvous for 1959 classmates and is the face of the five year NHS reunions. She and husband Ron have two married daughters and two grandchildren.

Sue and Chip in front of National Archives II
Sue and Chip in front of National Archives II

Richard (Chip) Heyl

Chip graduated from Bowling Green State University as a Mathematics Major (BS in College of Education) in 1963 and worked in the intelligence community for 30 years as a system engineer. In 1995 his employer's direction was shifted toward civil activities, changing his professional focus. He retired after twenty-nine years employment with TRW/Northrop-Grumman Mission Systems on October 1, 2003.

Chip had spent almost ten years with the Central Intelligence Agency prior to his employment with TRW, and participated in the year long DD/S&T Career Development Course, the equivalent of a Masters in Intelligence Studies within the Intelligence Community.

Having always been an avid competitive golfer, since retiring, Chip has turned his attention to golf instruction. He is currently an adjunct professor at the Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus, instructing both beginning and intermediate golf classes since 1993. He has written four golfing publications.

Chip and his wife, Skip (the former Marcella Jean Charville), have one married daughter (Michelle Wright) and three grandchildren living in nearby Ashburn, Virginia. The Heyl's live in Sterling, Virginia.